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Phillip Island Sporting Clays


Formerly Penguin Island Sporting Clays

Westernport Field & Game Australia Background

Located on beautiful Phillip Island, the Westernport Field and Game Australia branch at Rhyll is the home of “Phillip Island Sporting Clays” being the only registered gun club on Phillip Island. It has been established for more than 40 years and presently offers shotgun sporting clays shooters the opportunity to pursue the shooting sports clay target discipline of “Sporting Clays” which is also known as “simulated field”. The discipline of simulated field clay target shooting  was established to duplicate the off-season opportunity for hunters to sharpen their hunting shooting skills by offering high flying targets that simulate ducks and geese, rolling targets along the ground that simulate rabbit hunting and a whole myriad of target shooting angles and heights that also simulate quail and other duck shooting scenarios that might be found in the field whilst hunting. Sporting clays evolved from this style of shooting and is a distant sport compared to trap, skeet and trench shooting, the more formalized forms of clay target sports related to Olympic disciplines. The club has a membership of around 200 members and shoots competition the third Sunday of each month. Phillip Island Sporting clays were especially established to cater for the visiting tourist to Phillip Island that will enable them under individual instruction to experience the thrill and challenge of shooting a real shotgun using real ammunition.

John McDougall
Supervising Instructor 

John is a former secondary school teacher and retired Firearms Safety Instructor with the Victoria Police for over 20 years. Additionally as a former level one coach with the Australian Clay Target Association John has had a keen interest in teaching sporting clay target shooting to many over his years, and it has been a ten year vision of John’s to offer visiting tourists the opportunity to shoot clay targets at the Westernport Field and Game Australia ground on Phillip Island. This has only recently become a reality as the business, “Phillip Island Sporting Clays” has satisfied all of the Council, Gun Club and Police requirements with an authorised license issued by Victoria Police to do so.

Arthur Rawlinson


Arthur is a longstanding friend on John McDougall and has attained level two coach credentials in the field of sporting clays, which he has been participating in for over 40 years. Arthur brings a host of knowledge along with achievements by notable shooters he has coached. His easy manner and gentle and patient approach will be appreciated by clients as they learn how to capably approach the challenge of hitting a moving clay target.

Warwick Cumberland

Warwick has established himself as a highly skilled sporting clays shooter with a wealth of International experience having represented Australia nine times in the Australian National team. He is a highly skilled and capable shooter with a professional approach gained from running his own business for many years. His advice will be invaluable to novices as he gently mentors them through the program, depending on the package chosen, with his expertise seeing clients achieve excellent results in a very short time. His coaching technique and skills will be appreciated by all!  

Format of a Shoot Day

After arriving all clients will be asked to sign the visitor’s book in the Gun Club clubhouse, this also assists with coverage for public liability insurance and is a necessity for all participating. Following an induction course on gun safety, the clients will then be organised into a group and an order by which the activity can then begin. The language barrier will be overcome by use of the tour guides who have already experienced shooting at the ground on a previous training and introduction day.

Once in the shooting stand the participant will be handed an empty gun and shown a few practice targets without shooting at them so they know what they are undertaking. Once the Instructor is satisfied, the gun will be loaded by the instructor and the client will then have the opportunity to shoot the clay target – with a real gun and real ammunition. All ammunition is retained by the Instructor and clients participating are forbidden to handle any live ammunition, even at the discretion of the instructor until they are deemed and assessed as competent.

It is envisaged the business will cater for up to 20 visitors at a time capably supervised on a one-on-one basis with the utmost of safety procedures in place. The visitors are covered by public liability insurance maintained by Phillip Island Sporting Clays, and tea and coffee are provided for those awaiting their turn. Five to ten targets are introduced for the learning period with an option of a further 10 to 15 targets depending on the package taken by the clients.

If they choose to compete for the coveted “Top Gun” cap. This small degree of competition can be enjoyed as introducing a further challenge or shooters can choose to opt out.  Presently the activity has been quite heavily discounted with 20 rounds costing $100 plus GST. This is around a 30% reduction in price as an introductory offer. It is hoped all participants will enjoy their time busting clay targets and the moderate recoil from real shotguns – all part of the thrill and challenge of the activity!

Shooting Packages


Shooting Packages start from $100 plus GST for 20 targets.

Please note 24 hours notice is required to setup.



Rhyll Victoria

1 McFees Road Rhyll, Vic. 3923

Hours of Operation

By appointment daily 10 a.m. to 5 p.m

Call John McDougall:  0427 563 947

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